Slow-Cooked Sentences

Hey there. My name is Rachael Conlin Levy and I write this blog because I love stories, real or imagined, short or long. I love words, their shape and sound and taste in my mouth. I’ve previously written for Kindred, Story Bleed, The Las Vegas Sun, The Christian Science Monitor, as well as the anthology “Twice the Love: Stories of Inspiration for Parents of Twins and Multiples.”

I write because it makes me happy, but other things make me purr, too — bowls of soup, skeins of yarn, chocolate, digging in the dirt, my geeky husband and my four children — and many of these things end up in my writing.


There’s an inverse relationship between mothering and writing. With the birth of my daughter there was more to write about, but less time to write. The tension grew with the addition of twin boys and then another son, until children gobbled up my time like goldfish crackers — by the fistful. In a desperate act to force myself to commit ink to paper and keep a part of myself that I feared losing, I launched The Slow-Cooked Sentence in 2007.

This blog is my labor of love, a place gritty with reality, a place where risks are taken, a place to make soup and eat chocolate. Welcome to my table.

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